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Understanding the Dangers of Driving With a Cracked Windscreen

Driving with a cracked windscreen is not a matter you can afford to take lightly. That small crack might not seem so bad at the moment, but can lead to serious consequences. This may sound like an exaggeration or untrue, but you’re putting yourself, your passengers and anyone on the roads at risk when driving with a damaged windshield.

Hence, it’s always advisable to fix the small crack before it starts to spread. How? By hiring a professional company to repair your damaged windscreen such as Metro Auto Glass: https://metroautoglass.com.au/

What are the risks involved when driving with a cracked windscreen?

Failure of airbags to operate properly

It’s good to be reminded about the pivotal role airbags play in car safety. Those soft, cuddly bags prevent or reduce accident related injuries. But you may wonder the relations between the airbags and windscreen. Well, during impact, the airbags depend on the windscreen support when deployed. So the airbags bounces off the windscreen to protect you from the crash as well as keep you and other occupants inside the vehicle. But if the windshield is cracked or damaged, there’s little that the airbags can do to avoid anything fatal.

For the airbags to operate properly, a firmly attached windscreen is extremely important.

Does not protect you during impact

It’s a no brainer, the windscreen acts as a protective shield when an accident occurs. Actually, it acts as a backup plan in case a seat belt malfunction occurs.  With the windscreen and seat belt intact, chances of being thrown out of the vehicle are almost zero. But a cracked windscreen gives in rather easily to the impact force of the collision and might eject you and your occupants out of the vehicle causing serious injuries, disability and even death.

Roof support is weakened

The windscreen provides support for the roof in the event of a crash. If the car happens to overturn, the windshield keeps the roof from collapsing. A crack weakens the windscreen hence weakening the roof support system. And in case of a rollover, there’s nothing that prevents the roof from caving in on you. That’s why it’s important to get your windscreen repaired or replaced the moment you notice any damage.

 Blocks your view

A crack on your side or your passenger’s side can cause a lot of problems while driving. A crack on your side can obstruct your view which can lead to an unthinkable tragedy. The passenger’s side can interfere with your visual as you can’t see pedestrians or cars on that side clearly. This as well can turn tragic.

There’s no doubt the indispensable role the windscreen plays in ensuring the safety of yourself and your loved ones in case of an accident. Hence, it’s important to repair or replace a cracked windscreen as it helps to maintain the structural integrity of the vehicle.