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Avoid These Car Rental Mistakes When Going on Holiday

As you travel to your destination whether for business or leisure, at times you may prefer renting a car. This is a convenient way to get around as you have the car at your disposal. You go where you want, whenever you want and you can use any route. However, it comes with its own challenges and thus when hiring the car, it’s crucial that you know what to look out for. 

Right at the top of the list is making sure you have support if you run into any issues. Roadside service is usually available for all rental cars but you need to make sure your rental car has this. Without it you may be stuck on the side of the road (if and) when you car breaks down.

  • Don’t Rent from the Airport

Airport staff tends to be quite expensive whether its food, clothes, taxis and even car rental. If you decide to rent a car from the airport, you can bet that you will pay a higher rate than someone who will rent from a service provider outside the airport. You can reserve the car in advance and it can be dropped anywhere you want. 

  • Avoid Paying for Additional Services

There are some additional services that you can do without while you can substitute others. For example, when you want to find directions, you can use your smartphone or Google rather than paying for GPS. Do not pay for additional services unless you are sure you will use them.

  • Avoid Overstaying with the Car

One thing you should ask from the car rental company is their pickup and drop off policy. If they give you a timeline, do your best to keep the deadline. You find that some car rental companies will charge you if you return the car later than agreed. To avoid being charged extra than you had planned, return the car on time.

  • Don’t Fail to Inspect The Car

Imagine having to pay for car damage that you are not responsible for! This can be frustrating since you have no idea what caused the damage but you still have to pay for it. You accept to pay as you did not inspect the car despite the fact that you are not responsible. To avoid being in such a situation, its best that you inspect the car thoroughly for any issues that it could be having.

Renting a car can be quite costly when you have no idea which mistakes to avoid. Don’t fail to inspect the car before driving off, don’t overstay with it, avoid paying for additional services and don’t rent the car from the airport. By doing this, you will avoid common car rental issues.