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How to Travel With Your Baby

For most of us, travel is the equivalent of fun and relaxation. That may well be the case, but for parents can be a stressful experience. Having a baby change your universe, your routine, and your priorities. Travelling will no longer be done without careful planning and extra care. For those who are just getting used to the idea that they are new parents, or for those who have never traveled with a baby, this article will give you some useful tips.

Packing Tips

Strategic packing is an important part of a parent’s life. Most of the time we do not own enough suitcases for all the things we would like to take with us. Essential things to take with you depend on your baby’s age. It is different to travel with a baby has not started diversification food-wise, than to travel with a toddler.  If you travel with a baby, then it is important to pack the followings items:

Diapers and onesies: you can never know how many diapers you will use during a road trip. Make sure you pack enough and bring a couple of onesies just in case the baby gets messier than it should.

Extra clothes: sometimes babies can get super messy during breastfeeding or when they go number two, especially small ones. Remember to pack additional clothes and keep them at your disposal.

Emergency kit: this kit has to be always next to you whether you travel or not. An emergency kit should contain a thermometer, wipes, nasal aspirators, povidone-iodine, and bandages, band-aid, a nail cutter, socks, an outfit, a towel, a blanket and some plastic bags.

Bottles, breast pump, breast milk storage bags: depending on whether your baby eats only breastmilk, a mix of formula and breastmilk or just formula, you need to pack accordingly. Always have an extra clean bottle, warm water, and a breast pump.

Baby seat and extra blankets: baby seats can sometimes be uncomfortable for most babies. Try to help out your baby during a long trip by using extra blankets.

Extra clothes for the mother: you might not realize now, but by the time you have reached your destination you will be sweaty, your clothes will be dirty of formula or breast milk and you might not feel presentable enough. Make sure you carry an extra T-shirt so that you can change if needed.

Documentation and Necessary Paperwork

Apart from the entire luggage, you have to carry with you, the documentation part is also very important. Parents need to make a passport for their child and if one of the parents is traveling alone, it is necessary that the other parent signs a notary agreement. It might also be a good idea to bring the birth certificate with you. Travel insurance is a must for all the family members, especially if there are additional health conditions to take care. There are special travel insurances for diabetics and such.