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4 Things you shouldn’t do on airplanes

You definitely don’t want to be seen as a giant jerk or the center of attention when on a plane. Eating offensive food during your flight or watching a movie without a headphone is going to make others uncomfortable.

In this article, we are going to be looking at certain behaviors you should avoid while on a plane.

Sleeping through landing or takeoff

When the plane descends or ascends the air pressure changes quicker than the air in your ears. This is likely going to make you feel uncomfortable. But it’s temporarily. There are a couple of things you can do to equalize the pressure. The most effective of them is to chew gum, exhale, and then inhale as you hold your nose and mouth shut. You are not going to be able to do all these if you are sleeping.

Accidentally sleeping through the pressure change during landing and takeoff, is likely going to make you feel uncomfortable and dizzy. Even more, you will become prone to the following- eardrum damage, nosebleeds, ear infection, slight hearing loss and severe hearing loss.

Sitting all through your flight

Low air pressure in the cabin is likely going to slow the circulation of blood in your body and set you up of blood clots. Sitting from take off to landing is not going to help.

To reduce the odds of you developing clots, you have to get up and move around as often much as you can. If you can’t walk, then try performing some stretching.  You could stretch your hands and feet while on your seat.

Declining a beverage

Cabin air is usually very dry. As a result of this, your body will lose moisture each time you exhale. What this means is that the simple act of breathing can dehydrate you at high altitudes. Do well to take a beverage during your flight.

Drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol might make you fall asleep initially but, it is going to mess with you and dehydrate you, it could also tamper with your sleep quality. Even more, it is going to trigger a lingering hangover that may make you lethargic or irritable. Avoid drinking alcohol during your flight; it is best you wait until you have reached your travel destination before boozing up.

Final note

These are not the only things you should avoid while in an airplane. But if you give thought to some of the points discussed in this article, you are going to enjoy your flight.