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Feel like Going on Holiday but you don’t have the Day? Take a Daycation

The travel industry has seen improvements in the recent past. If you feel like going on holiday but you do not have several days to do this, you can opt to take a daycation. This simply means that you are going on holiday but only for a day. Some don’t understand why they should go on holiday for a few hours! There are many reasons for this.

  • Brings Peace of Mind

Perhaps you have been very busy that you feel fatigued and confused. By taking a daycation, you have time to yourself and besides relaxing, it helps with clarity. You have time to ponder over situations or life in general and by the time you are going back home, you have peace of mind. 

  • There is Minimal Planning

Going on daycation is totally different from going on a holiday for a few days. For a daycation, you do not have to pack personal belongings and clothes in two bags. You do not have to prepare an itinerary that covers the several days that you will be there. You just need to know where you are going, how you are going there and what to do. You might not even have to pack any clothes. 

  • Small Commitment

When going on a daycation, you will not need a lot of commitment. There is small commitment when it comes to time, effort and money needed to make it a success. There is no need of taking a few days off work just to have time for yourself.

  • You Do Not Have to go far

With daycations, you do not have to plan a trip to a destination mile away. Probably there is an upscale hotel in your locality that you have always wanted to stay in. Ask about their charges and what is included. Once you are comfortable, you can book in your stay for the day and savor the moment.

For you to experience the services and amenities in upscale spas and hotels, it is not necessary that you stay for a night or two. Daycations give you the opportunity to experience this with minimal planning and commitment. It gives a great experience and time to relax in an exciting way. Despite having a tight schedule, you should give yourself a treat. Nothing should stop you from this.

Avoid These Car Rental Mistakes When Going on Holiday

As you travel to your destination whether for business or leisure, at times you may prefer renting a car. This is a convenient way to get around as you have the car at your disposal. You go where you want, whenever you want and you can use any route. However, it comes with its own challenges and thus when hiring the car, it’s crucial that you know what to look out for. 

Right at the top of the list is making sure you have support if you run into any issues. Roadside service is usually available for all rental cars but you need to make sure your rental car has this. Without it you may be stuck on the side of the road (if and) when you car breaks down.

  • Don’t Rent from the Airport

Airport staff tends to be quite expensive whether its food, clothes, taxis and even car rental. If you decide to rent a car from the airport, you can bet that you will pay a higher rate than someone who will rent from a service provider outside the airport. You can reserve the car in advance and it can be dropped anywhere you want. 

  • Avoid Paying for Additional Services

There are some additional services that you can do without while you can substitute others. For example, when you want to find directions, you can use your smartphone or Google rather than paying for GPS. Do not pay for additional services unless you are sure you will use them.

  • Avoid Overstaying with the Car

One thing you should ask from the car rental company is their pickup and drop off policy. If they give you a timeline, do your best to keep the deadline. You find that some car rental companies will charge you if you return the car later than agreed. To avoid being charged extra than you had planned, return the car on time.

  • Don’t Fail to Inspect The Car

Imagine having to pay for car damage that you are not responsible for! This can be frustrating since you have no idea what caused the damage but you still have to pay for it. You accept to pay as you did not inspect the car despite the fact that you are not responsible. To avoid being in such a situation, its best that you inspect the car thoroughly for any issues that it could be having.

Renting a car can be quite costly when you have no idea which mistakes to avoid. Don’t fail to inspect the car before driving off, don’t overstay with it, avoid paying for additional services and don’t rent the car from the airport. By doing this, you will avoid common car rental issues.

Be a Smart First Time Business Traveler

Going on a business trip for the first time can be jittery. You do not know what to expect of your trip and you have no idea how the traveling part will be. Although the main focus should be the business part of the trip, you can still have fun on your trip and there are various ways you can have a stress-free trip. 

  • Plan Your Schedules Carefully

If you are having more than one meeting per day during your travel, you have to schedule them carefully. Consider the distance between the two locations where you will be holding the meetings and the possibility of being caught up in traffic. Some cities experience heavy traffic but if you can schedule the meetings in the same location the better. 

  • Put the Business Meeting First

You are out on a business trip probably representing your own company or one you are working with. The most important thing here is the business. Focus on it and explore the city after the meeting. You can even have an entire day without a meeting to go on an adventure. Don’t mix leisure and business otherwise you will have a hectic schedule. Another thing you should avoid is going for a night out, staying out late while drinking alcohol. You need to be fresh while going for the meeting and act professionally. 

  • Pack Light

You are going on a business trip and one thing you should do is pack light. Most business meetings will not go beyond a few days. Avoid packing things that you do not need. Packing neutral color clothes would be a great idea as you can rotate clothes with these colors. 

  • Upgrade Your Flight

If you have been flying before and you have accumulated flying miles, it’s a perfect time to utilize them especially if you are on a long-haul flight. When you have enough miles, you can upgrade from economy to business class. You will be more comfortable and even go through your agendas and presentations before you get to the destination. If you do not have enough accumulated miles and you cannot purchase a business class ticket, use an airline that gives free miles for using certain credit cards. 

Going on a business trip requires discipline when planning your schedules, packing light to upgrading your flight, these are some of the things can make your trip stress-free. It’s important that your trip is stress-free and this is something that is important in the business.

Reasons to Use Travel Agents for Your Next Holiday

The way holidaymakers plan vacations has changed in a significant way. Gone are the days when all you had to do is make numerous visits to a travel agent to get hotel rates, accommodation options, car hire, flight options and activities among other things that make up a travel package.

People are now making their own reservations on various travel websites. Despite technology making things easier, there are reasons to still book with traditional travel agents.

You will have an Expert on the Ground

Anything could happen when you travel. You could lose your luggage, an excursion may not go as planned or your flights could be cancelled. Rescheduling flights online or knowing how to follow up on things can be confusing at times even to savvy travelers. When you have a travel agent on the ground, things will be easier for you. They will handle things professionally and in the best way possible.

Travel Agents have More Resources

Travel agents have more resources that can give you better options and rates for your holiday. Most of these tools you have no access to. They will get discounted tickets from airlines, subsidized rates from hotels and they can organize a package that will save you a good amount of money.

You will Save Time and Effort

Working with a skilled travel agent will not only save you time, that you could spend organizing an ideal holiday, but it will also save you the effort. You will be able to focus on other important things. When you are used to a travel agent, a responsible one will create your profile and they will know what you need and how you want it done.

Offers Great Convenience

Giving details to travel agents and preferences, an agent will work out something for you. They will help you in organizing and still give you tips to make your holiday more exciting. The convenience offered means that you will not have to run around or spend time looking for the best deal.

They have the Knowledge

As a consumer, you may not have the knowledge about what is required to travel to a certain destination. You will have to contact a human being to confirm the requirements such as the passport, yellow fever certificate and visas. A travel agent has knowledge and they are the best to advise you on such.

When making a reservation for your next holiday online, there are high chances of making mistakes. Things are different when a travel agent is planning on your behalf. They will get the right schedule for you depending on your commitments and what is comfortable for you. A travel agent will create your history or basically a profile and you will not have to remind them about your special needs.

How to Find Top Restaurants in a Destination

When you visit a foreign destination, one of the best ways to make your trip memorable is to taste different local cuisines. You do not have to do so if you do not want but the food is always a way of life. You have to eat.

Traveling to a foreign destination will not be fun when it comes to food especially when you have no idea what to eat. It’s amazing how much you can enjoy your trip when you challenge your taste buds.

  • Know More about the Restaurants Before You Get There

The moment that you get to the new destination you could be too hungry and tired to search for the best restaurant. To avoid eating in just any restaurant, you should do your research before you get there.

Once you find your preferred hotel, check on the best restaurants around. Consider the location, the cuisine to expect, prices and the reviews.

  • Talk to the Locals

You probably have a tour guide on the ground. It is advisable that you talk to them for recommendations. Besides the tour guides, you can check out local food bloggers, lifestyle magazines, city guide websites, and even newspapers. There is always a suggestion somewhere that can be of great help.

  • Take a City Culinary Tour

A culinary tour is an amazing way to learn about a local destination. It is also an amazing way to discover the best restaurants in the area. In fact, this is the first tour that you should take when you get there to ensure that throughout your stay, you know what to eat and where.

Take culinary tours that focus on restaurants rather than those that focus on a particular type of food.

  • Do Not Limit Yourself to Tourist Areas

Tourist areas have many expensive hotels which might not give you the best options for food locally. Do not just look at the convenience you get in those restaurants but rather on the experience that you get beyond that area.

You will be surprised to find some hidden gems that you never saw on the internet or never heard about.

  • Use Food Apps

In the modern world, it has become easier to find things using our phones. Use the many apps available to find the restaurants near you. One thing with the apps is that you can filter the search to suit your preferences.

It does not matter what your preferences are or where you are, you can eat like a regular in your new destination. All you have to do is a proper research on the best dining spots at pocket-friendly prices.

4 Things you shouldn’t do on airplanes

You definitely don’t want to be seen as a giant jerk or the center of attention when on a plane. Eating offensive food during your flight or watching a movie without a headphone is going to make others uncomfortable.

In this article, we are going to be looking at certain behaviors you should avoid while on a plane.

Sleeping through landing or takeoff

When the plane descends or ascends the air pressure changes quicker than the air in your ears. This is likely going to make you feel uncomfortable. But it’s temporarily. There are a couple of things you can do to equalize the pressure. The most effective of them is to chew gum, exhale, and then inhale as you hold your nose and mouth shut. You are not going to be able to do all these if you are sleeping.

Accidentally sleeping through the pressure change during landing and takeoff, is likely going to make you feel uncomfortable and dizzy. Even more, you will become prone to the following- eardrum damage, nosebleeds, ear infection, slight hearing loss and severe hearing loss.

Sitting all through your flight

Low air pressure in the cabin is likely going to slow the circulation of blood in your body and set you up of blood clots. Sitting from take off to landing is not going to help.

To reduce the odds of you developing clots, you have to get up and move around as often much as you can. If you can’t walk, then try performing some stretching.  You could stretch your hands and feet while on your seat.

Declining a beverage

Cabin air is usually very dry. As a result of this, your body will lose moisture each time you exhale. What this means is that the simple act of breathing can dehydrate you at high altitudes. Do well to take a beverage during your flight.

Drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol might make you fall asleep initially but, it is going to mess with you and dehydrate you, it could also tamper with your sleep quality. Even more, it is going to trigger a lingering hangover that may make you lethargic or irritable. Avoid drinking alcohol during your flight; it is best you wait until you have reached your travel destination before boozing up.

Final note

These are not the only things you should avoid while in an airplane. But if you give thought to some of the points discussed in this article, you are going to enjoy your flight.

Understanding the Dangers of Driving With a Cracked Windscreen

Driving with a cracked windscreen is not a matter you can afford to take lightly. That small crack might not seem so bad at the moment, but can lead to serious consequences. This may sound like an exaggeration or untrue, but you’re putting yourself, your passengers and anyone on the roads at risk when driving with a damaged windshield.

Hence, it’s always advisable to fix the small crack before it starts to spread. How? By hiring a professional company to repair your damaged windscreen such as Metro Auto Glass:

What are the risks involved when driving with a cracked windscreen?

Failure of airbags to operate properly

It’s good to be reminded about the pivotal role airbags play in car safety. Those soft, cuddly bags prevent or reduce accident related injuries. But you may wonder the relations between the airbags and windscreen. Well, during impact, the airbags depend on the windscreen support when deployed. So the airbags bounces off the windscreen to protect you from the crash as well as keep you and other occupants inside the vehicle. But if the windshield is cracked or damaged, there’s little that the airbags can do to avoid anything fatal.

For the airbags to operate properly, a firmly attached windscreen is extremely important.

Does not protect you during impact

It’s a no brainer, the windscreen acts as a protective shield when an accident occurs. Actually, it acts as a backup plan in case a seat belt malfunction occurs.  With the windscreen and seat belt intact, chances of being thrown out of the vehicle are almost zero. But a cracked windscreen gives in rather easily to the impact force of the collision and might eject you and your occupants out of the vehicle causing serious injuries, disability and even death.

Roof support is weakened

The windscreen provides support for the roof in the event of a crash. If the car happens to overturn, the windshield keeps the roof from collapsing. A crack weakens the windscreen hence weakening the roof support system. And in case of a rollover, there’s nothing that prevents the roof from caving in on you. That’s why it’s important to get your windscreen repaired or replaced the moment you notice any damage.

 Blocks your view

A crack on your side or your passenger’s side can cause a lot of problems while driving. A crack on your side can obstruct your view which can lead to an unthinkable tragedy. The passenger’s side can interfere with your visual as you can’t see pedestrians or cars on that side clearly. This as well can turn tragic.

There’s no doubt the indispensable role the windscreen plays in ensuring the safety of yourself and your loved ones in case of an accident. Hence, it’s important to repair or replace a cracked windscreen as it helps to maintain the structural integrity of the vehicle.

Activities that could get you jailed while travelling

You are likely going to be scared if you are traveling out of your home country for the first time. Definitely, there are many dangerous countries and regions out there. A simple misunderstanding can land you in serious trouble while in another country.

The major reason why you want to travel is likely to get to know about the lives and culture of people in other parts of the world. One thing you need to have at the back of your mind is that not everyone is going to like you or welcome you with an open arm during your visit to a new country. Obviously, you are going to be ignorant about the laws and culture of the area you plan to visit, that therefore means that you are likely going to do a thing or two that is going to offend the natives.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some activities that could land you in serious trouble and in some cases even get you jailed.

  1. Transporting drug

This is one thing you should never do if you want to get back to your home country alive. You see, in the Southeast Asian region, you can be jailed and even executed if you are caught carrying drugs. Carrying an unidentified substance into Asia is a very foolish thing to do.

In places like Singapore, if you are caught with as little as 3 grams of cannabis you can receive an automatic death sentence.

  1. Trespassing

In some states in the US, you can be shot if you trespass on another person’s property. A handful of states in the US have what is called castle laws, which allows property owners to shoot anyone, who is violating their privacy.

If you don’t want to get shot during your travel, then you should avoid entering restricted areas or peoples properties.

  1. Insulting the king

This might seem like a joke for some, but the simple act of insulting the king in Thailand can get you arrested or even executed. Dropping a coin which has the image of the king is considered a sacrilege. Before you travel to regions like these do your research and avoid anything that could land you in serious trouble.

Final note

When you get to your travel destination, ask the locals who are friendly to your about their local laws and traditions.

Some Proven Ways to Make Money while Travelling

Most people love to go to different places in their locality or travel the world searching for a good destination. Around the globe there are beautiful destinations to go to, you just need to have the money to travel. One way you can go to these destinations is when you have a job that lets you travel to diverse places. You are hitting two birds with one stone as you work and travel at the same time. Here are some ways you can make money while traveling.


You can work without being committed to any company. Try out being a freelancer. You can travel to different places as your work calls you to, just like freelancing. It’s either you be a freelancer on your own or be an online worker for websites that offer freelancing jobs. This way you can have work on your own chosen time. You’re not being attached to one employer but you can have different types of clients in different places. You can meet and many people and build connections that can help you in your job as a freelancer.


If you’re good at academics, then you can try out being a tutor. Teachers are needed in different countries nowadays. Education is important that is why many are looking for a tutor. Teachers in most countries are looked up to by many people since they are the ones who mold our children who will become great entrepreneurs, leaders, designers and more someday. Tutoring lets you meet different kinds of people. It also lets you learn more as you continue to study about what you what you are going to teach as change is constant in our society.

Working in the Tourism Industry

One way to make money while you travel is to be part of the tourism industry. Work on cruise ships, hotels, resorts, airlines and more. You can also be a tourist guide and be in marvelous places filled with heritage and culture. The tourism industry offers many jobs to tourism and HRM even culinary graduates. These jobs let you go to many countries through air, land, and water. The tourism in many countries is one of the booming industries nowadays. So, why not try taking tourism courses and work for the like.


Blogging can be a traveling work if you have the right audience and connections. Your particular niche will put you in places you’ve dreamed of. Just by writing about places, things such as food, you can go to places as far as you can reach.

You just need to have an impact on your audience. Your clients can ask you to go to any places especially those with business. You can go to groundbreakings or soft openings of businesses as you write articles about them. You can have fun and work at the same time as you go to different destinations.

So, those are the 4 proven ways on how to make money while traveling. Choose one of them and be on your way to a great adventure as you do your work. Have a great time!

Travel Insurance is Always a Good Idea

Traveling is the favorite activity of most people during their spare time. There are plenty of places to go and visit many means of transportation and plenty of offers available on the market. An important aspect is to make sure you have your health services covered. Some countries can have very expensive fees for medical attention, especially if you are not registered into their health system.  A family trip or the perfect honeymoon can finish fast if an accident occurs and one of you do not have travel insurance.

Coverage of the travel insurance

There are different types of travel insurance. The most popular one is a standard insurance offering to cover medical expenses. There are other more complex travel insurances which can cover apart from medical expenses, flight accidents, lost luggage or trip cancellations.

Some of the most popular travel insurances are those for:

·         Medical expenses

·         Cancellation or trip interruption

·         Evacuation

·         Death or serious injuries

·         Repatriation

·         Delays due to weather conditions

·         Delayed or lost luggage

·         Stolen goods and hijacking

Travel insurance depends on the type of holiday you want

It is not enough to know what kind of travel insurance are available. It is also important to choose one that is compatible with the type of trip you are taking. It is different to go to a five-star resort or go backpacking. A wild safari is very different from going skiing. Make sure you ask all the questions you might think of to you travel insurance representative so as to find any hidden fees and what not.

World Nomads travel insurance

This insurance website offers international travel insurance for 152 counties. There are many types of travel insurance packages depending on whether you travel alone or with your family.  Some of the services offered are a trip cancellation, emergency medical expenses, emergency medical transportation, gear protection and 24/7 assistance.

Travelex Insurance Services

This London-based company has a lot of history with the first branch opening back in 1976. It is always a good idea to use a well-established company. The best part is that the rates are competitive and the broad range of coverage will give you a lot of options to choose from. For those who like to get adventurous, there are also customizable insurance plans. The 24/7 Travel Assistance and Concierge Service is always there to answer all your questions. All those who buy a policy from this company can use the toll-free number whenever they want during their trip.

HTH Travel Insurance

This travel insurance company is one of the best for those long-term international travelers. This policy covers emergency medical treatments and offers a trip-protection plan. There is also annual policy options and group policy.

Traveling with diabetes

Many people prefer to stay close to home due to their health condition. That is not necessary if you declare your health condition to your travel insurance company. You will most likely have to answer a couple of questions such as what medications you take and what health condition you are suffering from. Type one and two diabetics should not be afraid to travel if they bring their medication with them and get a health insurance.